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We Have Experience

With over 25 years of experience in the supply of used heavy machinery, between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, it is hard to find a more knowledgeable supplier than AMC. We are now extremely proud to have successfully provided hundreds of international clients with heavy machinery products.

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We Are International

It does not matter to us where in the world you are based. We will service your Heavy Machinery and Construction Equipment needs and provide you with an incomparable customer service experience. It doesn’t matter if you or your company is based in New York, Barcelona or Hong Kong; our staff are available to discuss your needs with Heavy Machinery transportation available to your front doorstep.

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The Most Important Person is YOU!

Heavy Machinery dealers are often known for their shadiness and lack of customer consideration. At AMMAR Machinery Concept we will make it our commitment to get to know our customers personally by taking the time to find the machine that is the perfect fit for you, your budget and your job. We have made it our ongoing mission to provide the highest levels of quality customer service and heavy equipment. We demonstrate this via our values of customer service, commitment to provide the best quality product possible and honest communication. So you need further information or you would like Heavy Machinery transport services or purchasing details? Please be in contact with our professional team today!

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We Are Progressive

The traditional way to purchase Heavy Machinery and Construction Equipment is by making a visit to the showroom. At AMC we utilize a detailed online showroom in which you will have easy access to our available Heavy Machinery products at highly competitive prices. This form of display for our dealership has been specifically selected to eliminate the customer supplemented costs of a decorated showroom, which would in turn increase the affordability of our Heavy Machinery and Construction Equipment supplier stock.

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We Want You Satisfied

All used Heavy-Machinery products we supply and provide are fabricated by the world’s most respectable and well known brands which include: Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, Volvo, New Holland, Bomag, Bobcat and JCB.